Project List


Building and furnishing classrooms
One of our on-going projects is to help provide the basic equipment needed to educate the young people in the schools in Ghana. This may be as big as helping to build a classroom or as small as providing pens and pencils for the pupils to write with.

Pupil bursaries
Whilst Primary education is free for pupils in Ghana the percentage of those progressing to Secondary level is still relatively small. This is often due to the starting costs of basic equipment, uniforms and, of course, the on-going cost of school fees. We hope that by working with Head teachers in the schools we support we can offer those pupils most in need an initial financial boost which will enable them to make the transition into their new school. Bursaries range from £100 to £150, dependant on the circumstances of the pupil. In most cases this is a one off payment to get them started so that pupils are encouraged to take responsibility for their own funding for future years. However, in special circumstances pupils may apply for further assistance to ensure they can stay within the education system.

Teacher Bursaries
Gaining additional qualifications can be a costly experience and because of this, in the region of Ghana we work, very few teachers are able to develop their professional skills. We set up the teacher bursary to offer teachers the opportunity to develop a particular educational interest which would enhance their teaching and give them a further level of qualification.

School and Community Projects
In most of the schools we work with in Ghana the water and sanitation facilities are limited. As a consequence illness can often be one of the biggest obstacles for a child wishing to gain an education. Where possible we are working with the schools to provide a cleaner source of water and an improved level of sanitation. Our work can manifest itself in all sorts of ways, for example, we have provided water buckets to encourage hand washing, plastic cutlery to avoid children eating with dirty hands, new toilet facilities and a new community borehole and water pump. In special circumstances we can also offer financial assistance with medical fees to help pupils and staff gain the necessary medicine or treatment required.

Building Classrooms

New classroom under construction at Kukuruntumi School

New classroom being built at New Tafo Methodist Primary School