The Kute Buem Project


SEPIA was first invited to visit Kute Buem in November 2013 at the request of a Head teacher we had been working with in New Tafo. This was his home village and asked if we would be interested in seeing a different area of Ghana. Whilst Kute didn’t look too far on the map we were told our journey would take approximately 6 hours due to the condition of the roads. It actually took 10 hours because the car we travelled in broke down several times and also the roads, as we go nearer to Kute, were really bad. Kute is located near the border with Togo to the east of Lake Volta. It is a remote village built around a river crossing point and the nearest large town is Ho some 2 hours away. In the past Kute had become a popular trading post for travellers crossing the river that divides the settlement but 3 years ago the bridge collapsed and traders migrated to the next bridging point nearer the Togo border.

Our reception in Kute Buem was unlike any we had experienced before whilst in Ghana. On our arrival we were greeted by the elders of the community including the Chief and his wife. A traditional ceremony was held to thanks us for visiting and to protect us during our stay in Ghana. Whilst the area is predominantly Christian people also embrace the country’s traditional beliefs. From here we joined a parade headed by school pupils and a school band which took us through the settlement to an open area filled with the local community. Here we met with teachers, pupils and parents; listened to an address by the community representatives and then were asked to give our own address! This event was interspersed with traditional dancing and drumming. Following this we were then taken on a tour of the schools and the local area before sitting down with a committee to discuss how, if at all, we might be able to work together.
As a result of our visit we established 3 areas where we could work together:

  • Make safe and repair schools buildings;

  • Help to buy school equipment;

  • Work with the community to rebuild a bridge across the river.

Completed project work as at April 2015

  • November 2013 – purchased cement to make safe school buildings (£500)

  • November 2013 – purchased wood and materials for bridge (£1000)

  • May 2014 – purchased remaining wood and materials for bridge (£1500)

  • August 2014 – Plastering of classroom walls (£500)

  • November 2014 – Cement for flooring of classrooms and school office (£700)

Future project work

  • repair and build classrooms for the Primary School;

  • supply the additional necessary desks and chairs needed to fully equip the classrooms;

  • supplement the minimal teaching materials supplied by government for pupils and teachers

  • plaster and paint classrooms


Right - Welcome to Kute buem

Below - Work in progress