Newsletter: Issue 2


Last updated: October 2009


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Money in…

It’s almost a year since our first SEPIA newsletter so what has been going on?
Well, here is a summary to bring you up to date.
As always, we are extremely grateful to our kind supporters who have provided us with the funds to continue our work with the schools in Ghana. Since last October we have managed to raise £4,400 as a result of a whole host of events. In schools there have been collections at Harvest, Christmas & Easter, an African Day, a 3 legged race and a Free Dress Day. From individuals we have received donations as a result of people getting married, singing, knitting toys, and buying clothes made by our friends in Ghana as well as from people just wanting to help!
For all of this our thanks go to:

Simon & Liz Clarke

Perins School

Babs Bailey

Whiteley Primary School

Lesley Jones

Ropley Primary School

Lord & Lady Vincent

Ropley Village Carol Singers

Colin & Carol Lovegrove

Oakley Infant School

Mike O’Connell


Plus all of you who have been involved in organising the events.

Money out…
Spending the money is the best part and this year we have seen the completion of two major projects. A borehole and water pump, mentioned in the last newsletter, is now fully operational and providing a much cleaner source of water for the children at the Juliet Johnston School in New Tafo. It has taken us over 2 years to complete this due to a range of complications. But it’s working now and we have even got a committee of people who will look after it to keep it fully functioning.

Our second major project was to build another toilet block for a school. Following our success at the New Tafo Methodist School we were able to use the same plans to construct one at the Juliet Johnston School. This was officially opened on September 25th so I do not have pictures of it finished yet but I have included one of the buildings in progress. This KVIP, or Kumasi Ventilated Pit Latrine to give it its full name, not only provides the children with a little privacy but it has been built so that the rain drains off the roof into a container which feeds two taps enabling the children to wash their hands before returning to class. A simple, but possibly life saving measure.

In May the Eastern region of Ghana was hit by several tropical storms and on one occasion several schools were damaged. At Kukrantumi School, a few miles west of New Tafo, the roof was completely ripped off and so we sent out some emergency funds to repair the damage. Fortunately no one was hurt and after a few weeks of ‘making do’ they were able to resume normal classes with a new corrugated iron roof.

At New Tafo Methodist Primary school we have managed to seal up the holes under the school as they were harbouring snakes. We have provided each classroom with some drinking containers, hand washing bowls and stands. We have also bought some very basic science equipment to aid their teaching. At the secondary school they wanted some musical instruments so that they could take part in the annual schools parade to celebrate their Independence Day and we also were able to supply them with a new sports kit.

New Projects:

Educational Bursaries for students
Professional development opportunities for teachers
More resources for schools in need




New Science Equipment


Water pump in action


New sports kit