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Last updated: September 2008


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Money in...

It’s now 9 months since we set up SEPIA and time to bring you all up to date with our work. The first thing to say though is that none of what you are about to read could have happened without your support, thank you.
Our first big fund raiser this year was a music concert organised by Jock Mackenzie, Colin New and the Hampshire Music Service in February. It was a great evening with the Hampshire County Training Band and Hampshire County Junior Band playing a wide repertoire of music at Perins School. We raised £180 from the raffle and Hampshire Music Services donated £600 from the ticket sales.
In April I ran in the London Marathon and with your help through sponsorship managed to raise £808. It was quite a tough day physically and weather wise but I can honestly say that it was your sponsorship that kept me going, that and the food my wife, Helen and son, Aaron, provided me with along the way!

In May we received a nice surprise when I was called into Ropley Primary School to collect a cheque for £107. Ropley has been a long time supporter of our work in Ghana and a collection had been organised by Year 6 pupils at one of their evening events.

We spent much of May & June in Ghana and on our return I was invited to deliver a week of assemblies at Perins School about our work. The week culminated in a free dress day event where pupils were asked to bring in £1 each for the right to wear their own choice of clothes. This event raised £689. Perins School is another of our long term supporters and we are very grateful for the support of the staff, pupils and parents. As I type, Whiteley Primary School, where my niece Gemma teaches, are busy raising funds through a coin line and both Ropley Primary School and Oakley Infant School are planning to raise funds during their Harvest celebrations in October. So as you can see things are going well.

Looking to the future our next major projects include funding another toilet block for a Primary School and buying desks to fit out a classroom. We are also hoping to acquire two new football kits and some science equipment. Plus the usual basic items which make the school day a little easier for both staff and pupil. So if you have any ideas and want to join in again please let us know at

Money out...

So what did we do with the money you kindly donated?

We have been working on several projects this year but the bulk of the funds has been spent on installing a borehole at the Juliet Johnston School Complex in New Tafo and helping to fund a new toilet block at the New Tafo Methodist Junior High School. We also provide materials to re build two classrooms at the Salvation Army School in Asafo and roof a classroom at the New Tafo Methodist School. However, as important as these large scale projects are, it is also nice to allow the children to receive some immediate benefits. So we have also spent money buying lots of basic items such as pens, pencils, paints, paper, lunch bowls, spoons, sports equipment and textbooks.

What can we say, apart from THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS POSSIBLE!


New books in the classroom


New Tafo Methodist Toilets


Some of the fun things!